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Thingple has entered into a contract with Baosteel Gas to deploy an industrial gas cylinder management system based on UHF-RFID.

Baosteel Gas is one of the fastest-growing industrial gas companies in China. To ensure safety and track-ability of its gas cylinders, and to improve asset utilization rate and operation efficiency, Baosteel Gas looked worldwide for solutions based on electronic tagging of its cylinders. After rigorous selection process, Baosteel Gas selected Thingple as its exclusive partner in developing and deploying a SMART CYLINDER solution for its fleet of cylinders.

“We are delighted and honored to be selected as exclusive partner of Baosteel Gas to develop and deploy gas cylinder management system based on UHF-RFID. Thingple has spent last two years developing proprietary hardware and software platform, so that we could propose solutions that are modular, cost-effective, reliable and robust”. Chairman Dr. Zhou said, “RFID-based industrial gas cylinder tracking has been tempted by all major gas companies in the past, but none has commercialized in large scale because of difficulties in achieving 100% reliability in industrial setting. Thingple’s proprietary solution overcomes such difficulties with smartly-designed hardware and software”

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