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Insights on Deeptech Venture Investments and Changes Post Pandemic in China - CM Venture Capital 

Dr. Min Zhou, founding partner of CM Venture Capital shared her thoughts and insights on the topic of  investing in Chinese deeptech industry and how recent pandemic had changed the market landscape, during the discussion session with Andrew Gaule from Aimava

00:44      What is the New Normal in China Post COVID-19

03:03      Limited Bad Debts in Startups - How are startups reacting with the changing market situations and the cash problems

05:44      Question on State Aid

06:30      Increasing Investment Opportunities in USA

06:45      Question on Wider Asia Market vs. the West 

09:35      New Infrastructure Construction 

11:58      "Autonomy & Controllable"

14:32      ToB Business Model

17:02      Focus NIC - Critical & First - Capital Efficiency

17:52      Question on Clean Tech and Sustainability 

19:46      Question on International Collaboration

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