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Dr. Patrick Berbon

Patrick has an extensive background in metallurgy, aerospace, power and cleantech industries.


Before co-founding CM Venture Capital, Patrick was a Senior Consultant at Performance Improvement, a risk analysis and management company specialized in power industries. Patrick is an experienced entrepreneur in the advanced materials space. His prior start-up focuses on advanced nanograin aluminum alloys and its applications, the company was successfully listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange. Before his entrepreneurial ventures, Patrick was a Senior Scientist in Materials Science Division at Rockwell Scientific Inc. Patrick specializes in advanced materials and clean technologies, including renewable electricity generation, biofuels for transportation, green building, clean water, clean air, carbon dioxide emissions reduction, recyclable materials, sustainable foresting and agriculture, and energy efficiency.


Patrick obtained Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, M.S. from Tsinghua University (China) and M.S./B.S. from Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France), all in Materials Sciences. Patrick is a member of the Board of Directors of CTT, Zennithnano, Enwise, Octadem.




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