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Witnessed by Shanghai Shanghai Bureau of Civil Administration officials at a foundation establishment ceremony, China Materialia formally launched the Not-for-Profit Shanghai Strategic Emerging Industries Foundation. The SEIF Foundation is a not-for-profit organization committed to become thought-leader for strategic emerging industries in China, a bridge for China and the World, and a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. SEIF Foundation promotes China’s technology advancement, venture capital, industrial transformation and economic development.

The SEIF Foundation is the main organizer for the Innovation China Forum Series. The Innovation China Forum is a platform to bridge the innovation and investment Worlds of the East and the West. The major emphasis is to foster a healthy and dynamic innovation ecosystem for new industries.


The Innovation China 2015 conference took place on January 18 and 19th. The 18th event witnessed the colliding sparks of thoughts from the most brilliant minds of the Chinese and Western worlds on venture capital industries’ most scintillating questions:


In the Innovation world and VC industry, what’s the most distinctive difference between China and western world?
 Is VC model investing in hard technology broken?
 Where should the industry go and what are the potential solutions?
 What is your choice (both start-up and MNC) of innovation strategies: independent innovation, imitative innovation, or open innovation?
 How would Innovation work as the propelling strategy for China’s future development?
 The second day, 19th, event was focused on battery and energy storage. The event was co-organized with China Energy Storage Association. It featured a half-day industry expert presentations and roundtable discussions, followed by half-day startup pitch and contest featuring entrepreneurs from both China and abroad in the battery and energy storage space.


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