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If you would like to submit your Business Plan or Executive Summary for CM Venture Capital's consideration, please use the form below. Please include the following: ​

  • Brief history of the company 

  • ​Description of the product or service 

  • Description of the technology and IP portfolio

  • Business and marketing strategy 

  • Analysis of the market and the competition 

  • Full resumes of key management (highlighting industry and market expertise) 

  • Financing sought

Legal Disclaimer: Due to the large number of business plan ideas and related materials that we review, and the similarity of many such plans and materials, we cannot accept responsibility for protecting against misuse or disclosure any confidential or proprietary information or other materials in the absence of our express written agreement to do so. Please consider this carefully before sending us any information or other materials that you deem confidential or proprietary. By submitting the form below, you agree to our Term of Use

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