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Skysys Intelligent Technology Limited (“SKYSYS”, “The Company”) – a leading developer of drone empowerment system, which provides auto-landing, autopilot, auto-charging and data management for various UAV industrial applications – is pleased to announce the completion of 10 million RMB angel round of investment lead by China Materialia Venture Capital (


SKYSYS empowerment platform enables drones-flying to truly become an unattended closed-loop system. As a result, it greatly expands drone’s application scenario in industrial and civil applications and dramatically reduce the total deployment cost. UltraHive is a universal charging & parking station that is compatible with most of industrial drones. And Dronetel network, the management system in the cloud, stores the status of drone aging, battery degradation, as well as the optimal planning and scheduling for drone charging & parking.


Currently, UltraHive has been adopted in the scenarios such as smart city, smart grid, telecom bases station and vehicle. In June 2018, SKYSYS won the first prize of the 5G bloom cup sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and CAICT. UltraHive ranks as one of the Top 10 applications in 5G, the representative of networked UAVs.


SKYSYS was founded in 2017. Its vision is to build a drone ground charging network and scheduling network. The core team members are industrial experts in battery charging, battery management, AI and communication from leading MNC companies such as GE and Rockwell. SKYSYS has established extensive cooperation with key companies in the UAV industry value chain and has delivered multiple orders. SKYSYS is positioned as the leading company in drones’ hangar field.


John Wang, CEO of SKYSYS, said: “We’re delighted to welcome China Materialia, a highly-respected fund, to invest in Skysys. This investment is highly strategic for us. China Materialia has deep relationship with its strategic LPs, including Shanghai Lingang Venture Capital, SABIC, British-American Tobacco, and GE. SKYSYS looks forward to work with these strategic LPs to develop industrial and civil applications. This new funding will accelerate our business, product and market development over the next 16 months. We will work with our customers and partners towards mass production of SKYSYS empowerment system.”


Dr. Min Zhou,Managing Partner of China Materialia, said: “We are enthusiastic about the potential of drones in civil, infrastructural and industrial applications. Skysys provides an essential product for truly autonomous, large-scale use of drones. We are impressed by the team’s technical and commercial capabilities, vision for the future and its execution speed. We, and LPs of our fund, wish to help Skysys to grow into a leading company in the field.”

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