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According to 2018 International UAV Expo, the industrial drones market will reach $ 15 billion USD in 2022, nearly 12 fold growth from 2016. The continuous market demand for industrial drones is now challenging the whole ecosystem. How to enable drones to be more capable is now a critical mission. On the one hand, the maturity of 4G and the deployment of 5G have enabled the drones to achieve “ultra-long-distance” and “sub-second-delay” image transmission; on the other hand, miniaturization and efficiency of airborne smart chip enable the drones to identify the environment and achieve autonomous operation.

SKYSYS has introduced flagship product UltraHive Gen 3 “Start” which couples “sense of technology” and “humanity touch” in one holistic system. In UltraHive Gen 3, SKYSYS not only constructs a “home” that can be used for drone storage and fast charging, but also pioneered universal UAVs autopilot software: Based on BIM/GIS/UTM information, the intelligent software plans and navigates the UAVs following the rules of the air traffic and manages the battery big data. The intelligent guidance software uses the machine vision and auxiliary system to achieve precision landing even in complex environment.

SKYSYS has been successfully piloted in urban management, emergency attendance, power industry, photovoltaic industry, water affairs and public securities, etc. The new round of financing enables SKYSYS to start the replication of successful pilots, while at the same time exploring new applications where Skysys technology can bring customers real value by tremendously enhance productivity.

SKYSYS will also strengthen the strategic cooperation with drone companies to increase charging speed to a new level. And build partnership with Independent Solution Vendors (ISVs) to make full use of the data collected by the drones.

John Wang, founder and CEO of SKYSYS, said: “Lighthouse Capital Shanghai had invested in DJI and HESAI in their angel round with remarkable vision. We are very grateful for their investment, and we also thank the follow-on investment of China Materialia. Skysys has explored UAV-enabling technologies since 2015, and now is a leading domestic company in this area. In the next 2-3 years, we are planning to enter global markets.”

The new investor Lighthouse Capital Shanghai indicated that the industrial drone intelligent platform of SKYSYS has quickly covered the two main business areas of aerospace management and smart UAVs station. These core businesses are the key foundations to the development of whole industry. Starting from them, the meticulous and systematic services of UAVs will boom and flourish like a big tree.

CM Venture Capital commented: “SKYSYS realized the district-level intelligent drone station networking application in 2018, and won the national first prize of the 5G Application Contest. We are impressed by SKYSYS’s vision in technology advancement and quick execution speed.  We are excited to continue to support Skysys in enabling more drone applications in civil management, infrastructure and industrial inspections.”

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