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Company Description

Skysys is dedicated to Drone Empowerment Platform, offering a complete set of mid-ware that consists of autonomous take-off, landing, flight, scheduling, charging and data acquisition.


The introduction of Skysys turns drone inspection service into a genuine unattended and closed-loop system, greatly extends the boarder of applications that a drone can be possibly involved in and dramatically reduces the cost that end users have to pay.


  • UltraHive modular charging port is compatible with multiple types of drones and offers functions like automatic landing/takeoff, rapid charging and data transmission.

  • SkyScout autonomous fight and scheduling system is based on mono vision and mobile computing power, which guarantees perfect universality.

  • SkyCab universal module cabinet utilizes an open bus structure and is compatible with various sensors. Users can switch between standardized modules before each particular task.


Skysys is building a data service platform that is built on drone port, sensor cabinet and autonomous flight system. Skysys possesses 15 years of industrial data acquisition and analysis experience and used to offer systematic wireless sensing solution for many famous enterprises. Our team includes experts from flight controlling, embedded systems, big data, visual recognition and AI. Skysys owns multiple core patents on contact charging, machine vision, scheduling algorithm and data analysis. Currently, UltraHive has been adopted in the scenarios such as smart city, smart grid, telecom bases station and vehicle.


In June 2018, SKYSYS won the first prize of the 5G bloom cup sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and CAICT. UltraHive ranks as one of the Top 10 applications in 5G, the representative of networked UAVs.


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