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CM Venture portfolio company Enwise has been awarded first place at the APAC French Founders Startup Tour 2019. The award comes with prizes of over 150K USD value, but more importantly support from Google, Deloitte, X-node, French Morning, Talent Fisher, UGGC, and Australiance.


Enwise CEO Stephane Vernede commented:

"We were impressed by the quality of the finalist startups, NEOMA, Dathena and Smart Global Privacy. It is an honor to have been selected among this strong competition. We would like to thank the jury and the French Founders team, we also would like to thank the Enwise team & partners who build up our company every day. We will continue with the deployment of efficient organic recycling solutions, leveraging local operations and data insights in order to fulfill the company's vision of making biogas technology a commodity."


Enwise produces modular and connected organic waste digester for municipalities, food industry and food distribution chains. Our Oscar module transforms waste into energy and fertilizer. Oscar is installed on the waste production site and is managed remotely. By doing waste treatment at the production site, we allow immediate sorting and we create short loops for energy usage. This dramatically increases the overall recycling efficiency. With Oscar your waste becomes your resource.


CM Venture invested in Enwise in August 2019. CM Venture Managing Partner and Enwise board member Dr. Patrick Berbon commented: "There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come, we congratulate Stephane and Zhuoya and the entire Enwise team for this award and recognition".

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