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Co-founded by Mr. Feng Hou and Zhige Yang in 2005, Prismlab China Ltd. traditionally made color printing machine equipment. Since 2013, applying its rich experience in photosensitive material and volume production techniques, Prismlab ventured into 3D printing space and developed proprietary micro matrix scanning technology for photosensitive resins. Prismlab supplies RP series of 3D printers and a range of accompanying photosensitive materials.


Prismlab printers print at 5~10 times the speed of traditional stereolithographic printers, while achieving high resolution over large print area of 600 mm. Prismlab’s micro matrix scanning technology is covered by a suite of domestic and global intellectual property. Prismlab’s products won many prestigious awards such as Taiwan’s “Golden Pin Design Award” and the “iF Product Design Award”.


China Materialia will join Prismlab’s Board of Directors. Dr. Min Zhou, Managing Partner of China Materialia points out: “3D printing is an emerging industry, with many new equipment and material innovations. As printing speed improves and selection of material broadens, 3D printing is expanding from its initial prototyping application, to production of high value products, and on-time supply of components in various industries. Prismlab’s equipment + material + service model represents a future trend in the industry. China Materialia Fund II will continue to explore and invest in innovative technologies and business models in 3D printing”.

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