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Open Innovation - Win-Win-Win Partnership

Limited Partners


We help our limited partners to tap into the innovation ecosystem in China for partners and collaboration, provides insights and advice

Government Offices

Entrepreneur Community

Portfolio Companies

Promote CM portfolio companies for government policy support and actively participate in industry events and policy discussions

Support entrepreneurs to connect with multinational companies through a one-to-one meeting, Open Innovation events and Innovation China Conferences

Guide our portfolio companies to work with MNC companies and other start-ups through partnering and joint-development and leverage government resources

Partnerships -

CM actively help MNC and portfolio companies to form strategic collaborations


BASF - PrismLab

After investing in PrismLab in 2019, BASF further expanded the collaboration with PrismLab by signing an agreement in July 2020 to further consolidate their strategic partnership in the 3D printing industry.


Suez - Enwise

CM Venture Capital helped one of our portfolio companies Enwise to form the global partnership with the world-leading waste management company Suez.


Kureha - Cambridge Touch Technologies

Two of CM's partners, Ryosuke and Patrick, who are on the board of CTT, greatly facilitate the collaboration of Cambridge Touch Technologies and its corporate investors.

Open Innovation Day -  

CM helps Limited Partners to connect with entrepreneurs at dedicated OI event

OI Day.png

CM Venture organizes Open Innovation Day, a one-day event where selected entrepreneurs and MNC executives gather and discuss potential collaboration opportunities. The event provides opportunities for MNC companies to meet with selected start-ups face-to-face and get a feel for China's innovation landscape.

Technology Scouting -

CM helps Limited Partners to identify specific partnership opportunities

Watch how we have helped our Limited Partner British America Tobacco (BAT) on Technology Scouting and building partnerships with 15+ tech companies in China. 

"Innovation China" Conference -

Annual event to connect with the broader innovation ecosystem


Innovation China Conference provides a platform for CM's corporate LPs to get together once a year to learn about China and hear from the brightest startups during the one-day conference, and the event is having a great number of both corporate executives and CM corporate LP's investment arm attending every year.

The annual event draws ~ 200 attendees from VC, entrepreneurs, corporates. The conference topics have included materials, advanced manufacturing, digital industrial, and hard technology investing. As we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of CM Venture Capital, the innovation China 2020 - Net Ten will have a special topic for the very special period of time everyone is walking through: "What it would be like in the next ten years". Professional from different industries and sectors will share their thoughts on topics such as how we prospect the future market landscape and what will be the risks and opportunities for the next decade.


Visit Innovation China Conference for more information and video/presentations from past events

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