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China Materialia Fund II has completed investment in Global Power Technologies (GPT), a Beijing-based high-tech company in SiC power electronics. GPT is a pioneer of third-generation semiconductor technologies in China, and is the first to establish commercial production line of SiC IC. Since establishment five years ago, GPT has grown its sales steadily as more and more customers adopted its products.


Dr. Min Zhou, founding partner of China Materialia, commented: “We believe SiC semiconductor industry will experience fast growth as downstream applications in EV, solar inverter, aviation electronics and other industries take off, and China is the most important market for those applications. Global Power Technologies is an established leader in the industry with early-mover advantage. GPT has good reputation in the market, and the team is driven, dedicated and professional. GE and Samsung are two of the Limited Partners of the China Materialia Fund, and both have technical expertise as well as products with SiC IC. We hope that besides financial investment, we can help GPT to upgrade its technology, product and market reach, and help GPT to grow into the leading company in the industry”.


Tong Chen, Chairman and CEO of Global Power Technologies, commented: “We are delighted and honored to have China Materialia investing in our company. The China Materialia team is very professional. China Materialia Fund’s corporate strategic LPs can add a lot of value in strategy, marketing and IP to GPT. General Electric, as a global technology leader in Si-based IGBT and SiC MOSFET, has deep expertise in power electronics, while Samsung is a heavyweight in OLED and shipbuilding, two of the big markets for SiC power IC. With China Materialia’s investment, Global Power Technologies will be able to serve its customers better, and we hope to leap to the next level of growth with the help of China Materialia and its LPs.”


Dr. Min Zhou has joined the Board of Directors of Global Power Technologies

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