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The innovative Sino-French joint-venture company, ENWISE New Energy, launched the novel OSCAR skid-mounted anaerobic digestion solution in a ceremony held at Lingang INNOVATION GALAXY, Baoshan District, Shanghai. At the ceremony, ENWISE also signed several key agreements with strategic partners including:
    -Investment agreement between Enwise and CM Venture Partners
    -Strategic cooperation agreement bewteen Enwise and Suez NWS
    -Manufacturing partnership agreement between Enwise and Guofu Hydrogen
    -Agreement between Enwise and Lingang Innovation Galaxy

Founded in 2012, ENWISE is dedicated to the design, development and production of skid-mounted modular anaerobic digestion systems with powerful IoT and remote monitoring capabilities. The system processes organic waste on-site and produces energy and fertilizers. The on-site, distributed processing has processing capacity ranges from 0.5 to 30 tons per day. It is particularly suited to supermarkets, food production companies, and large residences communities. For example, a 12-square-meter OSCAR facility can transform 1 ton of organic waste to around 200 kg methane to generate electricity or hot water, 50 kilograms of fertilizer and about 750 kg of water. The on-site solution significantly reduces the amount of waste that needs to be collected by municipal waste management, thus reducing both cost and impact on environment.  The OSCAR anaerobic digestion system. has been certified by China’s CCC and EU’s CE certifications, and have been successfully operating in several Auchan supermarkets in China.

ENWISE’s distributed solution quickly received attention from world's top waste management company Suez NWS. Francois Jenny, business director for municipal and industrial waste of Suez NWS, commented: “ENWISE’s distributed anaerobic digestion system is a global leading technology for organic waste treatment. Suez is pleased to partner with Enwise to bring the solution to the global market”.

Fan Shaojun, deputy party secretary and district mayor of Baoshan district, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Mayor Fan commented: “Baoshan district is striving to build a new 1+4 industrial development system led by scientific and technological innovation, as well as a green development demonstration zone in Shanghai city and even the whole country! We are pleased to welcome ENWISE, the Sino-French joint venture, to Baoshan and launch new products. With the leading R&D capability and powerful IoT remote monitoring capability in organic waste treatment and utilization, we believe that Enwise will make great contributions to city's waste management, and improve environment."

Dr. Min Zhou, CEO of CM Venture Capital commented: “We are very excited to invest in Enwise, as we believe it is an excellent technology addressing pressing market needs. The founding team has been working on this product since 2012, we admire their tenacity. Enwise is also an investment that represent CM Venture’s three characteristics: partnership with MNC companies, global mindset, and value-add to portfolio companies. CM is pleased to invest in Enwise, who has partnership with leading MNC company in the sector. CM Venture looks forward to supporting Enwise in building team and scaling up manufacturing to capture the fast-growing market of organic waste management”. 

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