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CM Venture Capital has completed the Pre-A round of investment in eChiev, a company located in Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park. This round of financing will speed up the launch of eChiev's GEMINI 2.0 autonomous driving platform, and the mass production of the eChiev automatic driving domain controller units (DCU) for commercial as well as passenger vehicles.


Founded in March 2017, eChiev is committed to providing automotive-grade autonomous driving domain controller units (DCU) for commercial and passenger vehicles. The eChiev product development has centered around four pillars: 

1) Efficiency: eChiev’s GEMINI driving platform with independent intellectual property rights includes complete package of autopilot application software, middleware, domain controllers and linear control solutions. The GEMINI platform can be quickly customized to various auto models and realize various levels of autonomous driving functions. 

2) Security: eChiev domain controllers adopt the multi-chip architecture recognized by the mainstream car manufacturers,  its car-level functional safety features have been tested over years in many different auto versions. The domain controller GC100 specially designed for L3 function mass production achieves a good balance of safety, performance and cost; The high-performance controller GC200 designed for passenger car L4 driving, includes professional AI vision processing chip and meets multi-sensor data processing requirements. 

3) Affordability: The eChiev autonomous driving solution is based on embedded domain controller that meets car standard, is at affordable cost and adds low power consumption. The software algorithm matches the domain controller's computing power to deliver the designed autonomous driving function. 

4) Continuous R&D: As autonomous driving capabilities of cars and commercial vehicles continuously grow, building deep R&D bench is a key. eChiev has always paid attention to the training of automatic driving talents, and established the self-driving automobile technology testing and debugging center with the leader in the specialties, Guangdong Light Industry Vocational Technical College, to jointly cultivate engineering talents. 


Caozhong Song, CEO of Yicheng Autopilot, commented: “Automated driving has reached the stage of commercialization, and it is in the early stage of market growth. Auto-driving solutions based on affordable and low-power consumption domain controllers are key to wide adoption by commercial and passenger vehicles. eChiev is started by a team experienced in automotive electronics industry, and is already a qualified L3/L4 auto-driving supplier for many mainstream auto companies. With the funding, eChiev will also launch a variety of unmanned commercial vehicles for industrial parks, school campus, senior care community etc."


Dr. Min Zhou, the founding partner of CM Venture Capital, said: “Automotive industry is experiencing rapid changes, with autonomous driving as a key development direction. Reliable, affordable, auto-grade Domain Controller Units (DCU) is a core enabling technology for autonomous driving. eChiev’s team had many years of experience in the automotive electronics space before launching eChiev, thus has a deep understanding of the characteristics and needs of the automotive industry. This automotive industry understanding is instrumental for eChiev to develop and mass-produce auto-grade products that are accepted by OEMs. We look forward to helping eChiev to build into an industrial leader like TTTech. eChiev should focus on building relationships with auto OEMs with supply of L3-L4 domain controller products, while keeping up R&D to meet the growth in market demand for higher level autonomous driving solutions."

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