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We Invest Globally In Hard-Tech Companies that
Make Our Future Cleaner and More Sustainable

Digital industrial

Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing traditional industries in fundamental ways, helping to improve efficiency, engage customers differently, track goods thorough supply chain and generate new business insights. CM looks for innovations in both technologies and applications at the intersection of IT and traditional industries.

New Material

New and improved materials underpin faster, cheaper, better or entirely new products in many key industries including semiconductor, electronics, medical devices, clean-tech, energy storage, environment protection, automotive etc. CM looks for materials innovations that enable game-changing products in large end-markets.

Advanced manufacturing

China’s manufacturing industry is undergoing transformational upgrade. CM is interested in innovative companies in advanced manufacturing sector including robotics, 3D printing, laser processing, advanced components, automation etc.

Energy and environment

China is world’s largest and fastest-growing market for new energy vehicles, waste management and environment protection technologies and products. CM looks for innovations in new energy vehicles, water treatment, waste management etc. that help make the world a cleaner and more energy efficient place.

Our Limited Partners 
We Look For Companies With

World-class Technology

Disruptive technologies protected by strong IP; enabling new products that fill real market needs; Technology and products are beyond proof-of-concept

Designed for cost-effective manufacturing

Capital Efficiency

Company has low or reasonable CapEx requirements Company has leveraged government grants effectively Company has built partnerships with suppliers and subcontract manufacturers Company doesn’t have long account receivable cycle

Attractive Market

The addressable market is large and growing Company has a clear value proposition that the market is ready to adopt There is a high entry barrier There is no significant regulatory hurdle to cross

Scalable Business Model

A company can scale quickly Company has pricing power and healthy profit margin Company’s business is not dependent on other parts of the value chain that need to be developed Company’s resources match its business model

Outstanding Entrepreneurial Team

Uncompromised ethics and integrity;

Well-rounded entrepreneurial team with both commercial and technical talents Team has solid product development skills and deep understanding of the market

China Relevance

China is a significant and fast-growing market for the technology or product Company has or plan to have significant China presence Company’s product or solution offering is ready and competitive in the Chinese market


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